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Through Success Star Institute's mentor training with Liah Kraft-Kristaine, you can learn to mentor a girl with a dream... but who has no family! 
Give her just 2 phone calls each month, and you'll provide an anchor for a girl who has just entered the world on her own.

In 9 sessions with Liah, you'll learn to guide a girl through issues of goal setting, stress management, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, college help, & much more!  It will GROW YOU, too!!

Every year, 10,000 girls "age out" of the foster care system in the United States. Some have no family. These are the girls we work with: they have a dream, but no one to give them encouragement or guidance, no one who really cares.

These girls are only 18 years old. They are on their own for the first time, and they need help to make good decisions, to be optimistic, to hear about how others have done it, and simply to have an "anchor" in the world.

Liah Kraft-Kristaine has built
LifeStar Academy Foundation
for orphan girls aging out of the U.S. foster care system, who have a dream of a great life.


Liah and her staff provide training and education in life skills, job skills, emotional intelligence, relationships and life opportunities, as well as teaching entrepreneurship and home renovation skills to the girls. 

And we invite you to be right there with us!

 When you become a Life Light Mentor,
you will receive training through Success Star Institute, in a specially designed program which will help you to guide the girl you are mentoring in many ways, plus help her to learn:

  • how to set goals and move toward them

  • how to manage thoughts and emotions

  • which behaviors help & which are harmful

  •  how to grow empowering self-esteem

  • how to gauge the health of a relationship

  • how to find resources for jobs, school, housing
    & other life essentials

 We help you to become a wonderful guide and teacher through our training program! And our program may very well benefit you in your personal and business life as well! 

We ask a small tax-deductible donation of only $29 for 3 months.
It is not, of course, a payment for the training (which has a value of over $5,000), but goes toward keeping our program running.

You may begin your training in any of our regular sessions which start every 3 months. You also may work with Liah's recorded materials at any time to fit it in your schedule.  We also have live Q & A sessions every month, and an assessment at the completion of the training.  You'll start mentoring only when you're ready!

BONUS: You will receive all of the membership benefits in Success Stars Institute for Women, including tele-seminars and programs, plus uplifting email reminders and recent information that can help your life!

SUCCESS STARS SORORITY:  In addition, if you keep your donation to LifeStar Academy Foundation going for 12 months or more, you will become a member of our elite Success Stars Sorority, an honorary group of women who are eligible for special opportunities:  gatherings of like-minded women -- such as a rejuvenation retreat at the beach, an art/cuisine trip to Italy, and other beautiful programs to replenish body, mind and spirit !! There's no limit to how many ways this program can benefit you!

When you become a mentor, we hope that you will continue for 12 months and longer with each girl, but we understand that sometimes it just isn't possible. Whatever you can do will help a young girl in the direction of her life. You never know what a wonderful and far-reaching impact you may have!

1.)  Become a Mentor -- or just do the Training!

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If your time is unavailable right now, but you would like to help, there are two great ways you can do that:        
1.) SPONSOR a MENTOR - Make a monthly donation for another woman to be a mentor. 
To do that, just click the pink button:


in a tax-deductible amount that's right for you by clicking on the green button below and changing the QUANTITY (to 5, 10, or 20, etc.) until the total shows the right amount for you (starts at $5) :

-- Liah Kraft-Kristaine

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