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Success Star Seminar!
Liah Kraft-Kristaine

Detox!: For Clearer Thinking, Weight Control, Super-Health, & De-Aging

Detoxifying myself saved the quality of my life! I was able to completely rid myself of daily migraines, arthritis throughout my body, and a stomach ulcer.  Now, I use it to keep my body and mind fine-tuned and at the top of my game!

Discover how you can prevent illness, raise your energy level, think more clearly and turn back the clock in this Tele-Seminar!  Liah will talk about:

1.      Symptoms of Dangerous Levels of Toxicity

2.      How Your Wonderful Natural Detoxification System Works

3.      What Interferes with Your Ability to Detoxify

4.      Why You Look Younger When You Detox

5.      The top methods of detoxification

6.      How Enzymes Help You to De-Tox

7.      A Raw Foods Diet:  What it can do

8.      Juicing: How you can rejuvenate your body

9.      Apple Juice Fasting your way to Health, Toxin Clearing and Weight Loss

10.  Other methods of staying healthier: Psyllium Husk, Ester C, & CLEAN Water




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