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 How to Re-Think Your Attitude toward Time & Get More Done Peacefully in Your Day!

Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” 
              -- Abraham Lincoln

Do you feel like you’re constantly rushing,  and still feeling behind?

Do you seem never to find time for your big goals?

At the end of the day, do you have priorities you just can’t get to?

Do you make health commitments to yourself that you never seem to do?



o   Feel a renewed sense of control of your life

o   Identify the worst “Time Robbers” in your life

o   Discover what is most important to you for life satisfaction

o   Really see where the minutes of your life are going

o   Have less frustration and irritation with yourself and others

o   Set boundaries with others and say “NO” without feeling guilty

o   And much, much more!!

 Do you need time management or a refresher course on it?
You’ll discover the top FIVE ways to know. Are you using your time in a way that pleases you?  Do you end most days feeling delighted by the day?

            Or -- do you feel frustrated that it seems you aren’t really moving forward on what’s important to you? Do you regret minutes or hours that felt non-productive? Do you sometimes feel irritated at yourself for not having more control over your time or your motivation?

            However you look at time – whether you feel that it’s constantly a battle to get enough done, or whether you feel that it’s racing past you, or whether you’re comfortably moving well with Time AND yourself --  you’ll get much more clarity about how to manage your moments by listening to this program!  


From Liah Kraft-Kristaine: 
When I discovered how inter-woven self-esteem and time management are for me and for many women, I experienced a breakthrough in accomplishment AND in satisfaction.  This resulted in less stress, more energy and greater awareness of choices I was making.

            "Step-by-step, my life improved with each small change:  how I ate, played, organized, rested, planned my time, responded to requests, reacted to others, beautified aspects of my world, and so much more!"

DIscover how YOUR LIFE can become more satisfying and enjoyable with a greater awareness of what your time can do for you and how your attitudes, choices and self-valuation play leading roles in the overall outcome of your life!




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