Free Your Creativity!
by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

Activate your powerful creative and intuitive potential!  Whether your quest is to produce artistic expression, innovative solutions, or business ideas, developing the non-dominant side of your brain will yield productive results.  When you learn to deliberately use both hemispheres of your brain in synchrony, you will produce higher intelligence, awareness and ideas.  This program takes you through techniques to stimulate production of the necessary brain-wave pattern which stimulates creativity.

Sides A & B: Both sides of this cassette use leading edge techniques in brain synchronization, relaxation and imagery to release blocks and move on to infinite capacity.

Author Liah Kraft-Kristaine has taught courses in creativity and writing, both in business and non-business settings.  She has written four novels, five non-fiction books, twelve audio program series, numerous video productions, thirty-six produced "Superior Court" television episodes, dozens of scripts for her CNN television show segment, and numerous magazine articles for national and regional magazines.  She has also created three businesses and designed and built three houses.  She speaks around the world and is the CEO of LifeKraft Institute International.




"We are using Liah Kraft-Kristaine's audio program in our graduate school creativity classes as a means to activate
the creative flow for our students. It has been exceptionally effective in our program. We have used it for years."
Dir. of Education, Atlantic University,
Virginia Beach, VA

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