Inner Peace & Relaxation
by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

The Good News: You can learn to shake off harmful stress and tension.  You can train yourself to respond to life's challenges with a new perspective.  You will condition yourself to find your center of calm in just minutes.

Research indicates that when you are stressed, you think less clearly, may not make good decisions, and may have memory problems.  Chronic stress also decreases the efficiency of your immune system and robs brain cells of needed glucose.

Side 1: Affirmations -- Soothe your mind, muscles and nerves with these relaxing physical processes and affirmations to help you cope, release, and get it all in perspective.

Side 2: Meditations -- Take a journey to your center of peace.  Use your imagination to rehearse for life events, practicing calming emotional skills.  Be in control, not in reaction.



"I've had insomnia for years.  I've never heard the end of this tape because I fall asleep!"

Joan Germaine, Atlanta, Georgia

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