Prosperity Programming
by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

Money, time, health, ease, love...There are many ways to describe prosperity.  To have more prosperity of all kinds, you must immerse your imagination in prosperous ideas and images.  That's what this program will do for you.  With repeated use, this program will help you leap into a higher level of prosperity of all levels.

Side 1: Affirmations -- Saturate your mind wealth building ideas and concepts about yourself, prosperity, success, ease...The many symbols of prosperity are linked in your mind with you.

Side 2: Meditations -- Exercise your imagination for wealth on side 2! Stretch your mind to envelope the riches of life by strengthening your imaging, your focus and your magnetism.  Enhance your prosperity self-image, create your world in detail and rehearse for wealth.  Learn to accelerate the arrival of the life you want to live by using the most powerful tool we possess.



"I feel as if a load has been lifted off my back after listening to Liah's Prosperity program!  I feel richer, more secure, and even happier."
Carol Rousseau, White Plains, N.Y.

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