Say Yes to Life!
Moving Your Life into a Bigger Picture

4- Tape Audio Program
by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

This audio series gives you tools to look at the story you have created for your life.  You are guided to find new, higher methods to make your life work.  Whether you are temporarily in a rut or simply want your life to keep getting better.

Learn how to rediscover and use
     Your "Starting Block" Tools
     The power of your words and subconscious mind
     The steadying force of high emotional intelligence
     How to make the plan to move toward your goals

Liah will demonstrate how to learn crucial powers of your mind and use secrets of Olympic champions.



"We are using Liah Kraft-Kristaine's audio program in our graduate school creativity classes as a means to activate
the creative flow for our students. It has been exceptionally effective in our program. We have used it for years."
Dir. of Education, Atlantic University,
Virginia Beach, VA

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