Self-Empowerment Affirmations
by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

Give your mind the gift of positive, uplifting, victorious statements.  These repeated ideas will boost your mental state and your life!

Get into a relaxed state.  Breathe.  Inhale these thoughts into your emotions, beliefs and metal processes.

This 64-minute CD helps you first to get into a relaxed state, then gives you affirmations -- statements to reprogram both your subconscious and conscious minds into a higher level of functioning.

Listen to this program once a day for a week and feel the difference in your energy and confidence!  The more you consciously accept, the greater the impact on all aspects of your life, your business and your relationships!



"Liah's Self-Empowerment CD helps me 
revive my energy on my way to work and 
on my way home."

             - Dr. M. B. Rivera, Houston, Texas

 "I have worn out this program -- and bought more -- for family, for friends, even for strangers in need. This program is amazingly in its ability to help anyone to lift up!"
             - Anna Reed,  Tallahassee, FL


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